It´s just 20 minutes by boat between the cities of Helsingborg and Helsingør
- between Sweden and Denmark. So near and yet so different. This, the narrowest part of the Sound, has seen many bloody wars. Today, the wars are long forgotten, but the mighty, historic landmarks of Kronborg Castle on the Danish side and the fortress tower of Kärnan on the Swedish side remain. These are the world´s oldest twin cities, and for six years they have published a joint visitors´ guide packed with great experiences. Enjoy famous castles, magnificent gardens, white sandy beaches, exciting shopping, rich cultural life and lots more. Everything you could wish for is within easy reach - and you can experience two countries in one day - it´s unique! There is such a special atmosphere here it cannot be described in words - it simply has to be experienced! Have a great time!

Our icons
We have created two different icons: one for Helsingborg, Sweden and one for Helsingør, Denmark. Our two icons show the city in which the sight or experience can be found.

The sight can be found in Helsingborg, Sweden
The sight can be found in Helsingør, Denmark

Our visitor´s guide is printed in Swedish/English and Swedish/German, Danish/English and Danish/German.